LIT Puff'ect Crushing Tray

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Introducing the LIT Puff'ect Metal Rolling Tray, a must-have accessory for any true connoisseur of the smoking arts. This sleek and stylish tray boasts dimensions of 18x14cm, providing ample space for all your rolling needs. Its smooth, rounded corners are designed with precision, making it ideal for effortless scooping and rolling of your favorite herbs.

Crafted with a smooth texture, this tray offers the perfect surface for crushing, rolling, and cleaning with ease. Say goodbye to messy rolling sessions - with the LIT Metal Rolling Tray, you can elevate your smoking experience to new heights of convenience and sophistication.

But that's not all - the LIT Metal Rolling Tray isn't just a practical tool, it's also a statement piece. With its extravagant and cool designs, this tray adds a touch of personality and style to your collection. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a casual smoker, this tray is sure to become a standout feature in your smoking arsenal. Elevate your smoking experience with the LIT Metal Rolling Tray - where style meets functionality in perfect harmony.