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Introducing the ultimate solution for your smoking needs - the 112mm LIT cigarette or joint holder, meticulously designed to provide you with a safe and secure smoking experience like never before. This innovative holder is the epitome of convenience and functionality, offering a range of features to enhance your smoking sessions.

Crafted with precision, this holder is specifically tailored to ensure that your joint is held safely and securely at all times. Its 112mm length is ideal for accommodating both ready and half joints, allowing you to enjoy your smoke without any hassle.

The holder boasts a series of cutting-edge features to elevate your smoking experience. Firstly, it is waterproof, safeguarding your joint from any moisture or water damage. Additionally, it is smell-proof, ensuring that the discreet nature of your smoking is maintained at all times. The holder is also airtight, preserving the freshness and flavor of your joint for a premium smoking experience.

For added security and privacy, the holder is scan-proof, protecting your joint from unwanted scans or detection. This feature ensures that your smoking habits remain private and undisturbed.

With accessibility in mind, the holder is designed to be accessible from both ends, allowing for easy loading and removal of your joint. This thoughtful design element enhances the user experience and streamlines the smoking process.

Experience the pinnacle of smoking convenience with the 112mm LIT cigarette or joint holder. Embrace its innovative features and impeccable design for a smoking experience like no other.