Two bros were having an amazing session, and it was time they realised that they should contribute their bit as productive members of the society.

So they came up with the idea of making your smoking sessions more amazing, long lasting and hassle free! Rolling papers which are completely non-toxic, 100% organic, unbleached and completely made from tree resin, that get you the best of it!

We understand your struggles, so to make it easy we came up with the concept of awesome threesome.

One to make your mornings Hearty ad happiest!

Second to pay respect to the Traditions #4.20!

Third, so that your dreams are more sweeter!


'Lit’ as a term is used to describe a state of mild intoxication, the ‘sweet spot’.

From the sweet spot, by the sweet spot and for the sweet spot, we bring to you LIT rolling papers that are made from the finest quality of natural and unbleached paper!


Why unbleached, you ask?

Well, it is the chlorine-free with nothing but paper fibers - the healthiest and the cleanest option for smokers. We like our stuff clean, don’t we? ;)

We pack LIT in our own homegrown units to give you consistent and clean rolling papers.

LIT rolling papers combine the right thickness and correct burning characteristics to give you an ideal paper performance.

LIT is how we roll!